If you are complete, this does not mean that life has ended for you in the fashion industry. Gown dresses are also available for you. First of all, fall in love with yourself and your folds, you need to learn how to choose the right clothes. Know what you need to hide and what to show. Particular attention should be paid to underwear. Now there is a large selection of pulling underwear, which immediately makes a visual correction of your figure. As for pantyhose, choose dark and matte colors, but never take pearls or with glitter, they externally very thicken the legs.


First of all, we pay attention to the color of the fabric, it is better to choose single-color models. Try with care to choose dresses with a large color scale and large drawings. Very good looking strip, but only vertical, it visually makes you slimmer. You can also combine two colors in one product, but it must be a dark and light shade. Do not take dresses in a tight-skin, they can not hide their shortcomings. But also it is not necessary to choose strongly loose overalls, as they will make you even more. Very well looks on the full woman dress under the chest with flared bottom, both to the knees, and the length of the floor.   


If you have full hands, choose a dress with a sleeve three quarters. Girls with lush breasts, you are lucky, there is something to emphasize. For you, dresses are always with a deep neckline.

And do not dare to put a cross on yourself, if your figure is complete. In the end, you can order a dress for tailoring, where everyone is adjusted to your figure. Everything is possible, it would be only your desire to change your style for the better, to feel feminine. After all, dress was always the standard of femininity.

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